2/1/10 School Board Minutes 
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FEBRUARY 1, 2010

Call to Order/Pledge:

The regular School Board meeting of Independent School District #317 was held February 1, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. in the Deer River High School Media Center.  Chairperson Victor Williams called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Members in attendance included:  Chair Williams, Anne Gardner, Lee Pederson, Brad Box, Sarah Bellefy, and Nancy Adams-Hulbert.   Administrators present included:  Matt Grose, Superintendent; Carol Risberg, Business Manager; Brent Colligan, High School Principal; Amy Galatz, Elementary Principal; Brent Schimek, Activities Director; and Russ Bouchie, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor. Tiffany Johnson was present as recorder.

Agenda Approval:

Motioned by Adams-Hulbert to approve the agenda, with two (2) additions:  6) k. DREA Memo of Understanding and 6) l. Approval of P.M.A. as Investment Advisor, and the *deletion of item #6) j. Approval of Resolution Authorizing Line of Credit Agreement; seconded by Gardner.  MCU.

Safe, Welcoming and Trusting Environment:

Marilee Taylor, Media Center Specialist, presented informative/interactive information regarding Media Center programs.

Effective and Efficient Systems:

a.  Approval of Minutes:  Motioned by Box to approve minutes of the January 4, 2010 regular meeting as written; seconded by Pederson.  MCU.

b.  Approval of Disbursements:  Motioned by Pederson to approve accounts payable /payroll / transfers, totaling $942,851.08, for January, 2010; seconded by Bellefy.  MCU.

c. Consent Agenda:  Motioned by Adams-Hulbert to approve the consent agenda:

1.   Accept donation to “Project Lead the Way” of $500 from Barr Engineering, Co.

2.   Approve request for Assignment of a Surrogate Parent.

3.   Approve Independent Provider Application for High School Bowling Team.

4.   Approve renewal of Professional Services Agreement with “Boys and Girls Club of the Leech Lake Area”.

Seconded by Bellefy.  MCU.

d.   Acknowledgement of American Indian Education Parent Committee Information.  Review and discussion of information provided from the Parent Committee.

e.   Resolution to Approve Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Foundation Grant Application.  Motioned by Gardner to approve the Resolution Approving Application to the MSHSL Foundation for $5000; seconded by Box.  MCU.

f.   Nor-Tran Agreement.  Motioned by Pederson to approve the 2010-2012 Pupil Transportation Agreement with Nor-Tran, Inc., inclusive of the Lease Agreement; seconded by Box. MCU.

g.   Budget Revision.  Motioned by Adams-Hulbert to approve revision of the 2009-2010 Budget for Impact Aid revenue from $300,000 to $480,000; seconded by Box.  MCU.

h.   Resolution for Reductions.  Motioned by Gardner to approve the Resolution to Direct Administration Begin the Process of Reductions to Personnel and Programs; seconded by Bellefy.  MCU.

i.    Blandin Foundation Grant.  Motioned by Box to approve the Grant Agreement with the Blandin Foundation awarding $2,000 to the Community Education “Children First” activities; seconded by Box.  MCU.

j.   *Resolution Authorizing Line of Credit.  (Item deleted.)

k.   Deer River Education Association (DREA) Memo of Understanding.  Motioned by Gardner to approve the Memo of Understanding Regarding Pay Deduct Days with the DREA; seconded by Adams-Hulbert. MCU.

l.    Approve P.M.A. as Investment Advisor.  Motioned by Adams-Hulbert to utilize the free services of P.M.A. for Investment Advisory; seconded by Bellefy.  MCU.


a. From Delegation:

    1.  Amy Galatz, Elementary Principal, distributed written report and recapped highlights: staff recognition for best practices in literacy instruction, process for “Appreciative Inquiry” interviews, the Cognos data warehouse, and Parents in Education night.

    2.  Brent Colligan, High School Principal, provided verbal recap of high school happenings, including Snowball and PBIS kick-off.

b.   From Activities Director, Brent Schimek, provided overview of sports and activities.

c.   From Student Transportation, Nor-Tran, Inc.  Mark Schjenken expressed thanks to District for action to renew contract.

d.   Josh Solem, Out-of-School Program Coordinator.   Learning Academy is up and running, with about 20 participants at elementary level and 14 at 7th/8th grade level.  Afterschool transportation program has also started.  Boys and Girls Club now has about 330 members and growing.  Also working on partnership with 4-H program for next year.

e.   From Russ Bouchie, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor.  Provided project updates:

1.  Relighting project in the East gym is complete, including replacing the keyed switches with a locked box for access to light controls.

2.  Thanks to Jim Peters for his years of dedicated service.

f.   From School Board,  thanks to staff for excellence, and to other Board members for attendance at recent Minnesota School Board Conference.

g.   From Superintendent, Matt Grose, provided updates on issues, including CISCO meeting regarding integrated systems for “innovation in education”.

Public Input:

King Elementary School parent appeared to advise the Board that her child obtained access to a book with inappropriate language and subject matter.  District assured parent that was an exceptional incident.

Motioned by Box to adjourn at 7:13 p.m.; seconded by Pederson.  MCU.

The next regular school board meeting will be March 1, 2010 at 6:00 pm in the Deer River High School Media Center.

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