9/28/09 Special Board Meeting Minutes 
written by matt grose   
thursday, 01 october 2009 11:56

SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 

The special board meeting of the School Board for Independent School District #317 was called to order at 5:30 PM  in the Deer River High School Conference Room.  Members in attendance were:  Victor Williams, Brad Box , Lee Pederson and Sarah Bellefy.

Absent:  Anne Gardner, Nancy Adams-Hulbert  

Administrators present:  Supt. Matt Grose, Carol Risberg, Business Manager and Paulette Ojanen, Recorder.   

Agenda item 1: Q-Comp Plan was deleted.   Motion to approve the agenda as amended was made by L. Pederson, seconded by B. Box.  Motion carried unanimously (MCU hereafter). 

C. Risberg explained the levy documents.   Motion to Adopt the Maximum Levy for the 2009 Payable 2010 Levy Limitation Certification made by B. Box seconded by S.Bellefy.  MCU. 

Motion to have discussion of the budget and 2009 Payable 2010 Levy at the regular December 7, 2009 Board meeting was made by L. Pederson, seconded by S. Bellefy.  This discussion will be held immediately prior to the regular meeting at 6:00 PM and there will be time allotted for public input.  MCU. 

Supt. Grose explained the Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction and Student Achievement for 2008-2009.   Motion to approve the report as presented made by B. Box, seconded by S. Bellefy.  MCU.  The report will be available to read on the school’s website and copies will be available in the district office. 

Policy 716 language change was explained by Supt. Grose.  This change would allow per diem rates to be regulated by the federal government guidelines which follow rates applicable to the area of travel.   Motion to accept this change and effective date to be October 1, 2009 made by B. Box, seconded by L. Pederson.  MCU. 


Motion to adjourn by L. Pederson, seconded by B. Box.  MCU 



          Victor Williams, Chair    

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